Wednesday, April 25, 2007


This week's episode was filled with some interesting info. We found out that Jin is indeed the father of Sun's baby, but that means she is now on death row, alongside Charlie. We found out what that creepy nursery room was for. We found out that Jack may not be so trustworthy. We found out that Juliet is helping Ben because something is being held over her head. And we found out that the rest of the world thinks that no one on Flight 815 lived. Obviously, Penny didn't think that info was something La Senorita Paracaidas should know. That also means that the people running Oceanic Air may be heavily involved with Mittelos or whomever is backing the Others.

ANYWAY... the Mailbox's gripe goes back to last week's episode, in which Desmond saw a series of visions, including Charlie taking an arrow in the throat. If you recall, some of those images include Hurley picking up a wire, a blinking red light, someone dangling from a tree and Charlie helping with the parachute. Without a scar on his neck. Despite having that crucial piece of information, Desmond was still prepared to let Charlie hack and gurgle to death.

OK, so Des didn't know the exact order of the visions. Let's assume the arrow-pokey-neck vision came before the vision of Charlie helping with the chute. That would have told Desmond that he needed to save Charlie from the arrow. But, assuming necky-sticky-gurgle came after chutey-helpy-down, then Des would have already rescued Penny, meaning he would have been free to save Charlie.

There was no reason for Desmond to let Charlie die.
In other words, he's a dick.

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