Friday, April 13, 2007


OK, so the Mailbox hasn't posted since March 27. Question for Catholics: Is there a patron saint for bloggers who don't blog? How about a penance? Since election day, things have been crazy. The Mailbox apologizes for all it has missed, including:

~ Lost. There are still two episodes the Mailbox hasn't seen, including the ep that allegedly justifies Nikki and Paulo's existence.

~ The Saints' schedule and future. The franchise will be in town for at least four more years, which means for at least two years, talking heads on the radio and black-and-gold doom-and-gloomers will have to bitch about something else. The Saints open up the season against the Colts on Thursday night. And they have four prime time appearances this season. BLISS!

~ Don Imus. Whatever. The Mailbox thought the takes of Chatter and Ozarks Messenger were interesting. He said what he said, but the question that should be asked is whether his loyal listeners share the same sentiments. Sniderman, chief wordmonkey for The 2 Dollar Bill, has the best solution.

~ The new Nixa News-Leader and Ozark News-Leader. The Nixa NL hit the Mailbox's mailbox. It's interesting that they are going with a full-size format, with the same fonts and style as the Springfield News-Leader. Familiarity will go far with readers. But why the heck does a paper that says "Nixa" at the top have a picture of Donna McQuay on the front page? And why does a new publication have a bunch of old news in it? Overall, a weak start, but once the Gannett boat gets going, it's hard to stop. Another plus: It looks like the Springfield News-Leader used to look.

~ The death of Curbstone Critic, John Stone. He died doing what he loved. God bless him.

~ God of War 2. The Mailbox hasn't had a chance to play this yet, but wants to badly. Also, the Mailbox desperately wants Guitar Hero 2.

~ A code of ethics for bloggers. The Mailbox isn't a fan of the proposed code, because it tries to change blogging into journalism. The Mailbox thinks readers should hold bloggers to the same level as radio talk shows and the like. Bloggers may break news, but bloggers choose their news according to their own opinions and news values.

The big news for the Mailbox: The big move is finally happening! The Mailbox will introduce you to its new digs in Joplin when it gets moved in. Until then, posts will be few and far between. So thanks for your patience.

I laughed at the new OZARK newspaper... I thought the Xtian county headliner had a new look.

St. Louis has suburban journals... tasked to take care of the different parts of STL county.

But is Xtian county ready already? methinks it's a bit early for 2 paper options.

But ad rates should get better.
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