Monday, April 23, 2007


The Mailbox noticed something, while listening to Lacuna Coil and Dragonforce and messing around on MySpace. Politicians.

Don't worry -- they're not going Tipper Gore on us. They are using MySpace as part of their campaigns. They are featured in the "Cool New People" section on MySpace's front page. Joe Biden, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Sam Brownback, Barack Obama, John McCain, Tommy Thompson, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and many others campaigning for national office have their own pages.

Paging David Catanese... your expertise is required to let us know what the Brownback is going on.

The Mailbox thought that MySpace was for wasting time, keeping in touch with friends and exploring new music. It makes sense; bands use MySpace to send out announcements to fans, so why shouldn't politicians do the same type of thing? It's all part of an effort on MySpace's part to get people involved in politics.

So far, Repubs and Dems are joining up, taking up space on MySpace. Still, it doesn't seem like the right place for politics. The Mailbox has enough problems with the politics of determining who its top 24 friends should be. The Mailbox does not want to pull up these pages and hear Barack Obama's favorite song. And the Mailbox dreads getting a bulletin from Kucinich saying, "I am so bored so I filled out this survey." And what about the band-whores who fill their top friends with bands? Are we going to have politician-whores?

Then again, it shows that Tom can be friends with anybody. And speaking of friends, the Mailbox can't wait to see how many underage porn-bot slutty types are accepted as friends. "Oooh, look. Brownback is friends with 'LipsSoHot4U.'"

TLP's thought: "Well, it makes it easier for them to pick up teenagers..."

Check out John Edward's friend list. John is in every picture! Either he's "teh haxx0rs" with Photoshop or he has some strict rules about who gets to be his friend. And he has 39 top friends! Does the Federal Election Commission know about this unfair advantage?

Hillary Clinton has a dorky ad encouraging you to be her MySpace friend: "I am not only voting for Hillary, SHE'S MY FRIEND!" Gag barf puke. And how come Bill Clinton isn't one of Hillary's top friends? TLP's thought: "Maybe he realizes MySpace is crap and is too smart to have a page."

Michelle Sherwood, official friend of the Mailbox, lamented about Rudy Giuliani's cowardly appearance in the Ozarks. Giuliani's MySpace page gives us a clue about his ideas on sharing information. G'head, click on that link. WHY IS A CAMPAIGN MYSPACE PAGE SET TO "PRIVATE?!" That's stupid. That's stupid stupid. That's like having a fundraising dinner where one of the nation's top Republican's hosts you and promises the press a few moments, then takes it back.

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Bill is on MySpace. He's one of my "top friends." Isn't Bill on everyone's top friend list??? I haven't checked to see if he has cyber whore friends. What are the odds???
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