Saturday, May 12, 2007


I don't know what to think about DragonForce. Go ahead, watch the video below.

I was told that DragonForce is the new Dream Theater, so I had to check the band out. I've watched all the videos and listened to all the songs that I can, and I'm still undecided about whether to burn caysh on these guys.

GOOD: Damn, those two guitarists rock.
BAD: Avenged Sevenfold wants its sound back.
GOOD: The drummer has incredibly fast feet and is tight.
BAD: The drummer plays so fast it sounds like thrash polka.
GOOD: They have a frenetic, hectic and majestic sound.
BAD: It makes me think of Jack Black in "School of Rock" playing at twice the speed.
GOOD: The singer actually sings well, instead of impersonating Cookie Monster.
BAD: He sings cheesy lyrics about mystical wars and medieval battles.
GOOD: For thrash metal, they are tight, musical and sound pretty solid.
BAD: For thrash metal, they sound like their audience is eight-grade D&D players.

VERDICT: They are definitely not the new Dream Theater. But they are decent. I just don't know how I can justify DragonForce in my iPod.

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