Thursday, May 10, 2007


What a difference a new record company can make.

Dream Theater signed with Roadrunner Records for their upcoming album, Systematic Chaos. Since that time, they have started a MySpace page (finally), released a song as a free mp3 (kick-ass), requested bootlegs for a YouTube page and put out extra videos to promote the upcoming album, including this online press kit.

Here's the latest to hit the 'Net: This is a recording of "Dark Eternal Night" on top of footage taken in the studio. Watch, turn the volume up and marvel at bassist John Myung's fingers and drummer Mike Portnoy's feet.

The Mailbox doesn't remember a time when Dream Theater was so well promoted. From the sounds of the two songs released, it doesn't sound like they've made any musical compromises for mass-market consumption. The Mailbox is excited as all get out about Dream Theater's future. The real question is whether it will translate to higher record sales, but Roadrunner will see that we DT freaks are loyal buyers, even though our number is not as high as the group who will buy whatever popcrap the radio tells them to.

Two petty gripes from the two songs: There's too much singing about mystical beasts and Portnoy is not the best backup singer. But John Petrucci has some amazing performances, Portnoy is all over his kit and the band sounds tight -- especially the unison between Petrucci and Myung. Can't wait for June 6.

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