Tuesday, June 05, 2007


What a wonderful day. Systematic Chaos is out. I'll have a review later.

I went to get it during lunch (heck yeah, I bought the special edition with the bonus CD/DVD that has a making-of documentary and every track in Dolby 5.1!) and brought it back to work. I was hoping that I could listen to it while writing, especially since the battery on the iPod was dead and the Musak in our office is more loud than it used to be. I don't care what anybody says: It's difficult to write stories when "Free Bird" is playing.

Yeah. "Free Bird."

ANYWAY... Long story short: Through the miracle of technology, my computer geekiness and iTunes ver. 1.1 (Yeah. iTunes ver. 1.1), I was able to hear parts of it while writing my story. Initial impression: Wow. This album is fierce. I thought it would be corny, but WOW. I really think that Jordan Rudess is the best thing to happen to Dream Theater. Not that KevMo and Derek Sherinian weren't great, nay, incredible. But as awesome as those two are, JR is on "a whole nother LEVEL." He brings and enhances the band's compositional skills, turning a standard rock song the "The Dark Eternal Night" into a blend of grungy camp and blistering thrash. The unisons between JR and John Petrucci are amazing -- their first unison in the first minutes of the first song almost brought me to tears. And the slower songs, such as "Repentance" and "Ministry of Lost Souls" are powerful yet restrained.

Like I said, I'll post a review, once I'm done geeking out.

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