Friday, June 15, 2007


Governor Matt Blunt was supposed to be at West Central Elementary today at 5 p.m., for a ceremonial signing of House Bill No. 2. Less than two hours before the event, his office sent an advisory, canceling the event because of "inclement weather and tornado warnings" in the Joplin area.


Just to make sure, a quick call to the Springfield branch of the National Weather Service led to the confirmation that there were no tornado or severe thunderstorm warnings in Southwest Missouri on Friday afternoon.

We know Blunt showed up at Springfield at about 3:30, thanks to this report on On second glance, that link appears to be copy-pasted from Blunt's press release, even though the byline credits News-Leader staff, so I'm not so sure he made it.

It's not a big deal, in the big scheme of things. In my opinion, this would have been another media event in which Blunt could take credit for the hard work of the General Assembly. Still, the Governor coming to town means something to many in the Joplin area. The school made preparations for his visit, so blaming the cancellation on fictitious weather fronts is either a bad mistake or a lame excuse.

I can't wait to hear the explanation.

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I can confirm no severe weather warnings, tornado warnings, flood warnings, locusts, bees or swarms of angry flying democrats with pitchforks were showing up on radar yesterday.

there were a few thunderstorms, but hardly anything out of the ordinary.
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