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With the conclusion of "Through the Looking Glass," the third season of Lost ends on an intriguing note. The ending didn't initially sit well with the Mailbox, but the more it thought about it, the more kick-butt it became. By having Jack in a "flash-forward," and because of what happened in that glimpse of the future, the island has become even more mysterious.

As usual, the show has created more questions than answered previous questions: What does Jack do that makes him want to get back to the island? How did Jack and Kate survive? How many were rescued? The Mailbox thought the season would end with Locke killing Ben and taking charge of the Others. At least he's not dead.

Hurley had the best moment, plowing through Others with a Dharma V-Dub. Sawyer killed Zeke in cold blood, and the Mailbox wasn't revolted. It even whooped. Things fell apart beautifully for Ben. Jack also showed some stones by not letting Ben manipulate him. Sayid broke a guy's neck with his FREAKING FEET. The first two seasons ended with much more resolutions than the third, but the Mailbox loved this episode. Basically, it shows that the island has many more mysteries, and that rescue, or salvation, won't come easy... if at all.

But that doesn't mean the Mailbox has no gripes.

~ Why did Jack kiss Juliet, but tell Kate that he loved her?

~ Why didn't Charlie try to swim out of the hole? Even though Patchy survived a spear in the chest, surely he couldn't survive a grenade blast. The revelation that the boat was not Penny's should have trumped the whole "gotta die so Claire and Aaron can get on the copter" thing. Instead, he Sharpied his message on his hand. Betcha he's not dead...

~ What the driveshaft was Patchy thinking, splodin' hisself to flood the station? Maybe if he knew he was going to die, OK. But he put the diving gear back on! That HAS to be a sign of interest in self-preservation!

~ Locke can chuck a knife into a complete stranger, but he can't pop a cap in Jack? Especially after being resurrected by Walt, or whoever that was?

The Mailbox's biggest gripe goes to the obvious, however. In one of Jack's flashforwards, he gets in an argument with the chief surgeon. Though the Mailbox can't find the exact quote now, Jack says something about bringing his father down, in order to compare who handles their drinking better. But we don't know that it is a flashforward until the very end. The Mailbox thinks that scene is a deliberate red herring. Although people have come back to life, they have to be on the island. Jack's dad was dead long before he crashed.

Every scene has a reason in Lost. The show is meticulously designed for a bigger picture and larger purpose. That's why the Mailbox feels like it was suckered by that scene. If that statement is explained in a future episode, then fine. But it feels like the producers set that scene simply to trick us. Not shock us. Tricksy hobbitses... can't be trusted, my precious...

Anyway, it's gonna be a long time until February. However, the Mailbox has season two on DVD, and will get season three the day it comes out. So, if it finds anymore gripes, it will pass them on.

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Is it me... or is the guy that rescued Locke as a boy, the same guy that came to Locke on the hill, and the same guy who seems to still be a part of the upper-Others? Without aging?
It's not you. He is the brother of Dick Clark.
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