Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The U.S. Department of Education wants to know what you think about technology in the classroom. The department is seeking input from people on their Web site, as to what role they think tech should have in our schools.

Already, Southwest Missouri classrooms are pretty wired. We all know about all the SMART Boards in classrooms. One of the stipulations of the $57.3 million bond for new JopMo middle schools is to rewire North Middle School in order to accommodate the interactive whiteboards, computers and projection units for many classrooms. The R-8 district also has a pretty impressive program for getting more technology in schools.

Carl Junction is ahead of the game: Their board members work with laptops and e-documents instead of traditional board booklets (which also means easier public inspection of board business... g'head, see for yourself). Webb City's superintendent is reluctant to go to such a technical solution, but other districts are interested.

However, Joplin is expected to take a deeper look into its policies regarding electronic devices brought in by students. Board members will likely delve into the topic during their next meeting.

~ Here's a special bulletpoint for my grammarphile readers: Just like there's no such common nouns as a Kleenex, Frisbee or Xerox, SMART Boards are proper names for interactive whiteboards. Occasionally in journalism magazines such as AJR, companies will take out ads featuring the proper use of their names. Smart Technologies may want to consider that.

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