Thursday, June 21, 2007


Apologies for the drizzle of posts. I've been working serious overtime lately. No gripes here... I'm saving up for something sparkly. More about that later. :) For now, here's a few quick hits:

~ Riverview Gardens is the latest district to lose its accreditation. The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reports that it is the second district in the state and in the St. Louis area to lose accreditation this year.

~ A bill pushing school start dates back was signed into law. Two predictions: 1.) We'll see a marketing blitz from the state tourism department, encouraging us to take our vacations in-state; 2.) Most school districts will use the opt-out provisions and start at relatively the same time. Joplin will fall into this category. Educators think that it makes more sense to end the first semester at the Christmas break.

~ The Joplin City Council approved hiring two new school resource officers for the Joplin R-8 School District. The cost will be split between the city and district, but the city is getting its money from a three-year grant. When the money runs out, we'll see if school security is still a priority for the city.

~ Neosho teachers will be getting a raise. The aggregate 5-percent increase will push the base to $32,368, just barely over Joplin's base of $32,000, also recently raised. Joplin's 7-percent aggregate includes bigger raises at the masters levels, however. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education reports that the average salary for Missouri teachers was $40,397 in 2006.

~ A final parting thought about Ron Davis' new job: He was once a tourist, a travel journalist who would bring us tales and legends from a mystical place called Medialand. Now, he's a sworn-in citizen! Once they indoctrinate him, he certainly won't be able to issue his dispatches from the land of the pretty, talking heads. Who among the Springfield bloggers will take up the mantle, carry the torch, keep the home fires burning, all that jazz? I wish I could, but the new digs in Joplin make that tough.

With that in mind, I nominate Blogistan's favorite rodent, the Snarling Marmot. She has the chops, the writing ability and the thick skin to pull it off.

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