Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Happy Independence Day. I can think of no better way to celebrate our independence than by thanking our forefathers for the First Amendment's freedom of speech and reminding everyone about the freedom of information.

On this day, 41 years ago, a brilliant piece of legislation was signed into law. Ending a trend of the government hiding its business from the public, the Freedom of Information Act allowed people to know more about their government, their taxes and what their elected leaders did in their name. Since then, states have followed up with their own versions. Missouri has its own Sunshine Law, and every citizen should be familiar with it and FOIA.

You'd think that with the advent of "e," information would be even easier to access. Not always true in some cases. Wired presents a wrapup of the top five wins and losses for FOIA dealing with electronic means. Sure, Wired pats itself on the back, but the story is a handy reminder of what our government thinks applies. Then again, a Wired blogger says how he really feels about the act.

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