Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Sure looks that way, according to this picture from this week's Christian County Headliner News. The story is about an upcoming rubber-duck race. The photo looks like it could feasibly be about this movie.

That, class, is the reason news photos should not be doctored. Good Photoshopping is invisible. Bad Photoshopping is hilarious, awful or both.

Full disclosure: I used to work for a sister newspaper of the Headliner, so here's my guess of what went wrong: The photo was actually a photo illustration, with text placed on top of the photo once it was imported into layout software. And the Web site's layout doesn't show cutlines or identify who took the photos (huh?). But, only the photo was updated to the Web site. I haven't seen the printed edition to verify this, but I'll find out. Editor Donna Osborn is one of the best in southwest Missouri, and I can't imagine this running on the front page on purpose.

Still, it's a hilarious picture by itself.

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That is a hilarious photo. :)
The photo indeed made print. The byline (did I get that right?) gave credit as a Photo Illustration by Cheryl Johns.

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