Monday, July 02, 2007


Dagnabbit. I got tagged for another vicious meme. This one: "Eight things you'll regret asking about." So I have to write about eight things that are deep, dark, TMI blurbs of info? Fine, Ron. But I'm not telling them about the photo shoot using clothes from Town and Country.

~ I am scared to death of bees, hornets and anything stingy, even though I wasn't stung by one (four, actually -- plowed through a nest of bald hornets; they weren't happy) until I was 33.

~ I am a huge gamer: I spend way too much time playing and collecting Pirates of the Spanish Main.

~ I am completely awed by my girlfriend and her capacity to care for others. I feel like I take advantage of her, because I don't feel like I could ever love her as much as she loves me.

~ I grew a beard because a girl broke my heart.

~ The next girl I dated I treated like absolute horse manure, because I wanted to break a heart for once.

~ I once asked the president of the University of Missouri about relations between Mizzou and Mo. State a year after the name change -- in a room filled with journalists and graduates of Mizzou.

~ I met Joe Satriani, got his autograph and blubbered like a moron. When I heard him play "Flying In A Blue Dream" live, I cried.

~ I have Reggie Bush's autograph on my Saints helmet.

Alright, Sniderman, Randy Turner, Secret Drinker and Red Pen, Inc. Your turn to dish.

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