Wednesday, July 25, 2007


A Carthage student is appealing his suspension over a gun-related incident. Susan Redden writes the story in today's Globe.

In a nutshell: Junior Stefan Hukill fired an Airsoft pellet gun at a friend in May. He was on Main Street in Carthage, his gun was clear plastic with an orange tip and fired a little rubber ball. The incident happened during lunch, but Carthage has an open campus for lunch.

The junior will effectively stay a junior: He has been suspended a full year for the incident. Hukill thinks that's too harsh -- especially for an incident that didn't warrant any criminal charges.

The Carthage school board went into closed session to discuss his appeal, despite pleas from Hukill's attorney to keep the appeal public. I understand that the board was within its rights, but just because governments CAN close certain things doesn't mean they SHOULD. If Hukill was wishing public exposure, it should have been granted. Instead, the Carthage school board appears to have egg on its face.

Is this an over-reaction by the board fueled by Memorial Middle School, or is there more to the story regarding Hukill's behavior? What will the board decide?

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