Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Gregg Easterbrook, otherwise known as Tuesday Morning Quarterback, makes some brilliant points in his football column this week.

You'll have to scroll down to find them, because dude writes one of the best, and longest, football columns in America. He is the only known football columnist who is also a Brookings Institute scholar. So, look carefully for his bit about Potter in this week's football column -- it's between the bits about the Sopranos being a bad TV show and Larry King's predilection for psychics. Seriously.

His point: J.K. Rowling joins C.S. Lewis and Phillip Pullman as great British authors of fantasy series for children. Lewis is unabashedly Christian in the Chronicles of Narnia, Pullman is unabashedly anti-Christian in "His Dark Materials." The latest Potter book shows that Rowling is more favorable to Christianity, giving some of the wisest words in the Bible prominent places.

Reading Easterbrook's thoughts made me smack my head, wondering why I didn't catch on to that. A small group of outspoken Christians raised Cain over Harry Potter, suggesting that Rowling's writing skills would subliminally teach our children witchcraft, acceptance of sorcery and other ungodly things. Give Rowling credit for seeing the big picture in Christianity and seamlessly weave it into the wizarding world.
I think Rowling understands Christianity much better than others.

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