Monday, August 06, 2007


This here blog has been too serious for a while, so it's time to introduce a healthy dose of immature fun.

You know when you're talking to a group of friends and someone says something vaguely dirty, then someone else in the group snickers, the first one is like, "What, what did I say," then a third person is like, "Dude, did you hear what you SAID?" and the first person is all, "What? Y'all are a bunch of pervs."

What, only me?

When I'm reading some of y'all's blogs, I read some hilarious double entendres. It's like my inner Beavis and Butthead start giggling and laughing. In the vein (but not a complete ripoff) of Lex and Terry, I'm going to start the Blogistan version of "Out of Context." This is meant in fun, so let's not take ourselves too seriously here. After all, we're all friends in Blogistan. We're all one big group of people talking and listening. And just because I'm the one posting doesn't mean I won't have one either. If you read a double entendre in one of my posts, call me out like the immature brat I am.

With that in mind... Vincent David Jericho, congratulations for inspiring this game. With your recent entry about popsicles, I've been laughing like a seventh-grader for a week. Jericho writes:

So gentlemen I suggest you go to a private place, do a self exam and find your popsicles. Once you do pull a little juice out of them and start standing up for yourselves and this community.



I'm just waiting to see when he posted my comment critical of his post. Maybe Vince doesn't have the popsicles for criticism of himself unless he fakes it anonymously?
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