Monday, August 06, 2007


Remember how you felt when you found out that tomatoes were fruit, pumpkins were vegetables and Soylent Green was people? Throw this in that category: Oklahoma has officially declared watermelon to be the state vegetable.

Not surprisingly, there was partisan debate when the legislature debated the measure in April. The Republican state Senator sponsoring the bill says that Oklahoma already has a state fruit (the strawberry). Since the watermelon is from the same family as cucumbers and gourds, which are known as veggies, and since he represents a town that has a watermelon festival, the watermelon should be the official state veg.

Not so fast, says a Democratic Senator, who holds up a dictionary that states watermelon is a fruit.

Weird. I wish my eyelids could make that blinking sound.

This informative blog entry has been brought to you by insomnia.

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Ok, the link for "that blinking sound" cracked me up because I knew exactly what you were talking about.

Well played, jolly good show and all that rot!
Awesome. I always knew it. I know have another reason to eat my veggies!
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