Sunday, January 06, 2008


Missouri is not the only state considering collective bargaining. Reporter Andy Vuong of the Denver Post details the work being done by the state of Colorado, after Democratic Gov. Bill Ritter enacted collective bargaining by executive order. The directive he issued in November gave the right to about 30,000 state workers. Vuong's report compares what Colorado faces to the state of Washington, which granted collective bargaining in 2005.

Missouri is also dealing with the issue. As reported in today's Globe, a Missouri Supreme Court case granted the right, but no law exists as to how it should work. What makes Missouri different from Colorado is that education groups, not labor groups, are pushing forward legislation. Even more interesting: Two statewide teachers' groups with differing ideas on the process are putting forward their own legislation.

Totally unrelated: My cousin introduced me to Sufjan Stevens. I'm listening to The Avalanche and loving it.

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