Thursday, February 07, 2008


Season 4 is here. Huzzah! Only eight episodes. Boo.

No need for a recap, because there hasn't been a lot to recap. Only that six people made it off the island, and the survivors aren't getting rescued. Nothin' big.

Before getting to the gripe, let the Mailbox address something it wrote ages ago, in gripe No. 24. In the flash-forward, Jack tells a doctor to ask his dad upstairs if he's any more in control of his drinking. Before Season 4, the Mailbox thought it was a red herring. Since then, there's been the mysterious rabbit #15, Christian Sheppard appearing without Jack being around and Charlie appearing to Hurley in the future. Although the Casimir effect is referenced in the Orchid training video, I don't think time travel is going on. Dopplegangers, dude. Doppelgangers. All I'm sayin'.

As for the gripe, it goes for the season opener, "The Beginning of the End." Why does Jack not care about the message on Charlie's hand? That seems like something Jack would be slightly interested in, but NOOOOoooo. He lets Hurley have his speech and lets several leave the group with Locke... including Claire and Aaron. Jack gets his cojones back in "Confirmed Dead," tonight's episode. Second best quote of the night: "I don't know, Miles, how stupid are you?"

Best quote of the night: Locke talking about Walt. "It was Walt. Only taller."

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