Sunday, February 10, 2008

OFFICIAL MAILBOX LOST GRIPE #26 has a couple of interesting sneak peeks about the next episode of Lost. Apparently, Hurley gets left behind and Sayid finds something interesting on Naomi's body, which will soon be corpsified and gross. But I will gladly miss the next episode, cuz TLP and I have a Valentine's date! GRIN. We're going to see Voltaire at Ground Xero, because we're evil.

ANYWAY... I just watched "Confirmed Dead" again. And two things stood out to me that made me want to pound my head on a can of Dharma creamed corn.

~ When Jack and Kate are grilling Daniel Faraday about his team, he stammers that saving the survivors isn't exactly their primary objective. Jack presses and asks what that objective is, but then Miles' blip shows up on the sat-phone. And Jack is content to let the physicist trot off. GAH! Grill that whiny scientist! Kate could kick his ass! But that's not the gripe...

~ The anthropologist, Charlotte Staples Lewis, is seen reading a French newspaper while in Tunisia. But she has to have someone translate the words from a French-speaking man. HUH? Actually, this makes sense, because I can read a little bit of French, but if someone spoke it to me, I'd be clueless. Never mind, the Jack thing above is the main gripe.

By the way: If Sawyer gave me a nickname, apparently it would be "Ferdinand."

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Oh the nickname thing is way too geeky-cool. Thinkingthings gets dubbed "wilbur."
I dig the nickname generator! Apparently Sawyer would call me Cloudy. :)
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