Saturday, February 16, 2008


Thursday's episode, "The Economist," told us a few crucial details. Namely, that Sayid is one of the Oceanic Six, that Ben survives and makes it off the island (assuming that vet's office is not on the island) and that just because there's an "Oceanic Six" doesn't mean that everyone else either dies or is left behind.

We also find out that Miles is an asshat. How long are the survivors going to put up with his crap? The Mailbox is glad he's in the hands of John Locke and his wonderful collection of knives. Also, Hurley is a turdburger. How could he set up everyone like that?

Back to Sayid, the most recent episode taught us that maybe he's not from Iraq, but from Arkansas. When he's in the cafe meeting Elsa for the first time, he orders an "expresso."


A world-traveled man in Europe orders an EXpresso? When did Sayid become Bubba? The waiter must have known that Sayid was an American idiot, because he brought back a drink resembling an espresso. EXpresso? EXPRESSO?! My aunt Mabel from Tardtown, Mississippi orders EXpressos. Y'know, them expensive drinks at the QT. Gets her pumped up for a day at the outlet malls and bingo in Tupelo. Jeez Louise, actor Naveen Andrews! You're British, for the love of Jacob! You should know better!

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Thank Jesus there is someone local to blog Lost! I remember you down Nixy way photo-taking your little heart into a frenzy at the high school football games. I had no idea you blogged until now. Best of luck to you! I'll check in on Friday to see your next Lost gripe!
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