Thursday, March 13, 2008


A quick catchup before I write this week's gripe:

~ "The Constant": Boring episode. I've never said that about a Lost episode, but really it was. These guys think that it was one of the best episodes ever. Can you believe that? That ep was no "Tricia Tanaka is Dead," "Walkabout," "S.O.S." or "Greatest Hits." The reconnection between Desmond and Penny saved it, but the episode dabbled in one of my least-favorite sci-fi plot mechanisms: The scrambled timeline.

Lost operates according to a strict set of rules. Unlike other shows, Lost shows everything for a specific reason. And the things that don't quite make continuital sense (such as Walt growing three feet at the end of season 3) are either explained or joked about. But Desmond's trip back in time creates WAY more questions than the show can possibly answer. Was Penny searching for Desmond BECAUSE he demanded her phone number eight years ago? Or was that a lucky coincidence? Before that episode, Penny was already searching for Des. Then when he calls... did he just happen to keep the same number? The whole time travel just seemed like a weak plot mechanism to get Desmond on the phone with Penny. And it didn't do anything to move ideas about the island's time-bending properties forward.

~ "The Other Woman": This episode made up for the last one. We knew Ben was messed up, but DAYUM. But why is Jack kissin' on Juliet, when he's in love with Kate, allegedly?

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I'm okay with Jack kissin' on Juliet; I think he's a better match for Juliet than he is for Kate. I'm all about Kate and Sawyer together--now THAT'S an interesting pair.
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