Thursday, March 13, 2008


Wow. One of the best episodes we've seen in a while, even though we saw the return of Michael coming like a Michael Giacchino diss at the Oscars. The combo of a flashback and flash-forward made for a good punch in the gut. (A note to grammar nerds: Even though it looks weird to hyphenate flash-forward but not flashback, those are the proper spellings, according to Webster.)

Like I mentioned in the prior post, Lost operates according to its own set of strict rules. We saw an example of that in this episode. When Sun was in labor (in a flash-forward), she cried out for Jin. The moment hid the truth from the audience (that Jin was not actually alive, because his moment was a flashback), punching us in the gut when we got to the gravestone scene. There, Sun explained the moment away, saying that the doctors told her she was crying out for her husband. The technique was so good it made us forget all about Aaron, who is likely No. 5 of the Oceanic Six.

ANYWAY... it's frustrating when the show flops because it has to follow its own rules. Hence this week's gripe: Juliet tries yet fails to convince Sun to stay on the beach with Jack. When it appears Juliet has lost, she tells Jin that Sun bumped uglies with another guy.

WHY?! Did Juliet want to save Sun's life by ensuring some uncomfortable silence and soul-searching? Juliet later explains it away as an attempt to keep Sun on the beach, but we didn't believe that for a second. We can buy time travel, Jack's dad being alive and Libby falling in love with Hurley, but we can't believe that. When she spilled the beans about Sun's affair, she did so because she was ticked. Vindictive. Spiteful. Not charitable or Hippocratic oath-ic in the least. Sure, she had to explain it.

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