Thursday, March 13, 2008


It's been a long time coming, but I've added some links to the side.

About the Cohorts, my fellow bloggers. There's really no order to the list, save this: If I've met you in meatspace, you're at the top of the list. Other than that, there's really no ranking, except for Ron Davis. He'll always be at the top. I've added links to The Secret Drinker and A Running Commentary. The former drinks like a fish, I hear, and the second has a pleasant memory of an editor at the News-Leader telling him he made a mistake taking a job with the Christian County Headliner. Yep... some mistake that was, huh Matt? :)

If you've posted a comment, I've probably added you, as well. That means you, Life of Jason and Sugar Britches. Thanks for participating, and I'll do better at returning the favor.

About the Beacons: I've added The Chart, the student newspaper at Missouri Southern State University. Great bunch of students who get after the news. They are led by adviser T.R. Hanrahan, whose blog (Newsprint in My Blood) has been added.

About the Goodies: I added a few magic-related links. Those links aren't going to teach you how to do anything, but they have fresh content with amateur and professional magicians doing amazing things. Enjoy.

A quick refresher on what this blog is about: This is my personal blog, dedicated to all the geeky, interesting things I come across. I may also talk about media colleagues in the Joplin area, but always in fun. Because it's always fun to make fun of John Hacker.


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