Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have resisted getting a Wii, because they don't have the graphic capabilities of the PS3 or XBox 360. My sister got one, and I naturally felt the brotherly jealousy rise... "What? My sister has a more up-to-date video game system than ME? The guy who went through Ravenholm using nothing but the gravity gun? The guy who can beat Sonic the Hedgehog with one life? HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN!" Yet, still I resisted, because the abundance of games wasn't there, and the controller is just a cool peripheral -- games haven't yet been developed to take full advantage of its capabilities.

All that has changed.

The guys who make Homestar Runner have created a video game for the Wii. Should be out in June. Given how much time I've spent playing Trogdor, I must have it. It looks peripheral-ific!

Maybe Li'l Brudder will be in it.


Just remember, nothing freaks out The Cheat like a bear holding a shark....
Does that Wii game seriously involve grammar? Or is that a joke? If it really does involve grammar, I'm going to buy it and take it to my parents' house and play it on their Wii...
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