Monday, June 16, 2008


I have no excuse for waiting more than a month to post.

Wait a second... I have a ton of excuses. I just got married. I just got a promotion. I've been working with a bunch of bright high-school students. I've been blogging on the wedding blog. I've been working on my writing. So please forgive me, and enjoy these bullet points:

~ I am now the proud husband of a hottie redhead, and the proud stepfather of two incredible boys, who are living with us permanently. The kids are great. The 8-year-old is energetic yet well-behaved, and so cute he has to be breaking some kind of law. The 16-year-old is responsible, funny, self-motivated and incredibly intelligent. Let me put it this way: I never thought I'd be the kind of dad who works on cars, and I never thought I would love it so much. And all y'all know how I feel about their mom, TLP. Best thing I ever did was to marry her.

~ I am now Assistant Features Editor at the Globe. One of my new duties is to guide the Globe's Youth Editorial Board. And those nine kids have been awesome. We've tackled some controversial issues already, such as random drug tests and MAP tests being replaced with end-of-course exams.

~ Since I haven't been blogging as much lately, check out this guy, who has been. He does what I sometimes wish I could do: Make fun of certain letter writers. Go get 'em, Johnny.

Congratulations on your nuptials!
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