Friday, July 11, 2008


I guess she's TLPH now. Ah, who am I kidding. She'll always be TLP.

TLP has finished the name changing rounds. She has new checks on the way, a new drivers license, a new Social Security card in the mail and -- maybe, just maybe -- a new badge for her job.

Guess which one was the most difficult for her? TLP works with idiots, and one of the biggest idiots is the receptionist, who is the sole HR representative at that location of the company. This tool has driven my girl crazy just for wanting to change her name. Get this:

~ It took all of 10 minutes and $12.50 at the DMV to get a new license. All she needed was her old license, marriage certificate and a current bill.

~ It took ME all of five minutes to drop off a name-change form at the SS office in Joplin. Because they keep such wonky hours, we had to download the forms off the 'Net and bring them in.

~ Her bank was good to her: All she needed was the receipt we got from the SS office that showed a new card was on the way.

But what is good for the United States, the state of Missouri and a financial institution is apparently no good for the tube nut that wouldn't give Paula a new badge. According to the beehive-brained imbecile, TLP needed the actual new card to get a new security badge. The receipt wouldn't do it; neither would a new license. Compounding the problem: The company charges money for replacement badges, but was waiving that cost with the installation of a new security system. Paula couldn't get her new badge with her new name on it, and would have to pay for a newer badge once the SS card came in.

But Paula went over the tool's head and called her superior. Turns out all they needed was the receipt, after all.

From my point of view, this is a nice change. My last wife didn't even want to take my name, and I was OK with that. But Paula has been excited about taking my name. That, combined with what she had to deal with, makes me fall in love with her all over again.

Awwww! I'm glad Paula's excited about taking your name. And I'm glad that all the annoyances of going through the process to get her name changed are ending/have ended. (I understand her woes to some degree, as I've been going through a similar situation--changing my address on absolutely EVERYTHING since I just moved! Arrghh.)
Well Joe, have TLPH keep all those receipts plus her security badge, and witnesses to the nuptials even if it includes the dog next door 'cause if the nutballs in Jeff City get their way, she'll need all of those just to vote...

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