Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I wish I could say more. I'll be able to in the future. I landed a pretty sweet writing gig; if I pass a certain audition process, then I'll have a nifty new thing for you to check out. The gig is keeping me pretty busy, so the fiction writing will have to go to the side for a bit.

Man, I wish I could tell y'all what it is.

Oh, since Randy Turner regularly trolls this blog looking for rumors, innuendo and other filth he can spout about The Joplin Globe: I did not quit my job, and my boss knows about this side project. You can quote me, Turner. Even though you don't do quotes.

ANYWAY... Something interesting regarding writing, however: T. Rob, official friend and wedding photographer of the Mailbox, got to speak with Michael Stackpole, sci-fi writer of bajillions of books. Stackpole's advice at a recent seminar: Don't waste time with short fiction anymore, because people are going to the 'Net to read it, not books.
I wonder if magazines count in that. It also makes me wonder what I should do with all these short stories I've written.

While I'm talking about T. Rob, props to him. He said he saw the cover of a Star Wars RPG sourcebook, in which he contributed (I want to say he wrote the thing, but I could be mistaken). Awesome. Dude knows his banthas from his rynoks.

QUOTE: " It also makes me wonder what I should do with all these short stories I've written."

Try Lulu.com

I love short stories!
Congrats on the new gig.
Yaay! Love mom
Congrats on the new gig. I can't wait to (eventually) hear more about it! :)
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