Saturday, August 19, 2006


The Mailbox has been reading the local media coverage of a sinkhole in Nixa opening up and swallowing a man's garage. Most disturbing was this story by Mike Penprase in the News-Leader. A few 'grafs in the story reminded everyone that Christian County has no residential building codes, including regulations for mapping sinkholes. Particularly:

The sudden collapse Sunday could affect development in Christian County, which doesn't have comprehensive sinkhole regulations. That could change in part because of public concern about sinkholes prompted by the Nixa collapse, interim county planning administrator Glenda Hammons said.

For a change to happen, the Christian County Commission would have to approve. But no one on the commission has the courage to add residential building codes.

The Mailbox is furious that Christian County is the fastest growing county in Missouri, but its commission doesn't see the need for building codes. The Mailbox is also mad at voters for re-electing the same guy who did NOTHING. For FOUR YEARS. If this recent sinkhole doesn't spur the commission to action, nothing will.

You living in Joplin yet?
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