Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Joplin may be another story, sadly.

That Chatter guy had a post about the latest ratings from fall '06 in the Springfield radio market. The numbers are interesting, and Davis breaks 'em down succinctly. But I couldn't help noticing how well KQRA and KZRQ -- Springfield's two current-rock stations -- performed in the Fall '06 numbers.

Q102.1 was Midwest's top performer, pulling a 5.7. Z 106.7 was Journal's worst performer, pulling a 4.2. (Of course, when you're in the same company as KTTS, you'll never be the head of the family.) Both stations are up about 3 points each from last year. Though Q slipped .3 points, it is still No. 5 in the market. Z is 1.5 points behind Q, coming in at No. 9. Both stations beat US97 and The Cave. Q also beat Alice and two country stations.

The downside: In stations targeted to younger demographics, Q and Z finished last. Power 96.5 still reigns at the top of that chart with a 6.7, and its format can attract a broader base of listeners.

Since every radio station spins its own success story out of the ratings, the Mailbox will do the same. The Mailbox sees current-rock formats thriving in the Springfield market. For a culture once dominated by country and chatter, it's good to see that Q and Z are bringing noise to the ratings.

Unfortunately, KJML 105.3 in Joplin isn't faring so well. According to the the spring '06 numbers, the Columbus, Kan.-based Rock 105 has been sliding down the ratings, after a stronger showing in spring '05. The fall '06 numbers for the Joplin market should be out by Friday, and we'll see if it can gain ground in the ratings.

Yeah, the Mailbox is biased with this post. The Mailbox loves its rock and wants hard radio stations to bring the noise and pound its earholes between Springfield and Joplin.

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The Mailbox rocks in its breakdown. But give the Spankmeister some loving on US97 ... he's better than the format.
Bad Mailbox. Spankmeister ruled the format back when Z 106.7, Rock This, was Alice-whipping the other classic stations.

And speaking of old names, Kraus in the House is presiding over a radio station in Joplin that performed very well, according to the fall numbers.
hmmm...wasn't it Z 104.1 Rock This? Trying to imagine Spank on Hot 106.7 playin' all that teeny bopper music gave me a good laugh though.
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