Thursday, February 01, 2007


Woot! The Mailbox was worried about alternative station KJML slipping in the ratings, but the latest ratings say otherwise. However, the big winners show that Zimmer is still the big dog in the Joplin market, although the Big Dog KXDG is only No. 3. KSYN pulled a 10.2 for No. 2. As in Springfield, a country station rules the roost: KIXQ pulled a 13.2 for No. 1.

Kissin 92.5 was the biggest gainer, jumping from a 7.7 to its 10.2. The station is led by Steve Kraus (in da House). Springfield radio fans will remember him from Hot 106.7, back when Ray Michaels was a genius, Superfrank was managing radio stations and the station ruled the Springfield market. (Side note: Ray Michaels is still a genius, wherever he is, and Superfrank is the manager of James Brown and, really, no one else.) Kraus is one of the business' nicest guys. The Mailbox is super-mega-proud of the job Kraus is doing at Kissin'.

Also, the DJ-less KMXL (95.1 Mike FM), owned by Ronald L. Peterson gained more than a point to finish with a 6.6. The computers at Mike seem to churn out tunes that Joplin likes.

The ratings don't look so hot for everyone else. The Big Dog only gained a tenth of a point. Zimmer's KKMK Lite Rock 93.9 lost a half-point, pulling a 6.0. KKOW, 96.9 The Kow, lost more than 2 points, finishing with a 2.4.

Community Radio got hit hard, as well. KMOQ (Q 107.1) is on a downward slide, going from a 4.3 to a 1.8 in a year. KBTN 99.7 Classic Country Legends took a sizable step back, sliding from a 6.1 to a 4.2 in a year. KCAR, Cool 104.3, lost almost two points since spring '06, pulling a 3.6. All those stations are owned by Community Radio, which means Rock 105 is the company's only bright spot in this book.

Rock 105 gained .3 points in the fall '06 Arbitron period, finishing at No. 7. Not a huge gain, and not enough to match the 4.3 it pulled a year ago, but a gain nonetheless. And it helps support the Mailbox's spin... er, theory... that alternative rock radio is seeing success.

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