Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This is not a new story, but it's new to you guys. In a few weeks, I'll be submitting this for a pig-stickin' by a published author at a sci-fi convention, but I thought I'd give you guys a crack at it. Warning: It's kinda dark.

Download a pdf of "Rider Waites" here.

I have another story in the works, too. For almost a year, I have had a mental picture of a girl who is hellbound and determined to burn a piano. I've seen her standing over it, matches in one hand and gas can in the other, but I haven't known why she wanted to burn it. Until recently.

In a few weeks, you will too.

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You're killin' me!! I wanna know why she burns the piano.... Hurry and release it to the adoring fans! Oh, and to the rest of us too! ;)
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