Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Full disclosure: I am biased against radio stations with no on-air personalities. That's why I'm shocked and appalled that 95.1 Mike-FM passed KSYN 92.5 in the most recent Arbitron ratings for Spring '07. After all, the station is nothing but an iPod Shuffle with commercials. And it advertises itself using the same upside-down billboard strategy as Keystone Light. Ugh.

Zimmer still wins big, occupying four of the top five spots in the No. 239-ranked Joplin market. Kix 102.5 is still No. 1 with a 14.2 share, KSYN takes No. 3 with a 7.7, Lite 93.9 and the Big Dog 97.9 tie for fourth with a 7.1.

This is a big victory for Ronald Petersen's radio station with it's punch into Zimmer's domination, costing KSYN a 2.5-point drop. Kraus in the House shouldn't worry too much, though. Q107, the other CHR/Top 40 station holds an anemic 1.6. Petersen also punched past all of FFD Holding's stations. Speaking of FFD: It's good to see Rock105 keep up its success: the alternative station rose from a 4.2 to 4.4. Not a big gain, but even more important, it's not a loss.

Over in the Springfield market, KTTS takes the top spot again. In Joplin, the station is up in ratings, pulling a 1.1 over its .6 from the fall '06 book. WTF?

Let the stations begin spinning the latest results.

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