Monday, September 24, 2007


I'm remembering what it's like to be a Saints fan. Three losses, no wins? Ouch. That hasn't happened since Ditka.

A fellow fanatic, only inclined toward the Bears of the Windy City, warned me that if Reggie Bush or Drew Brees went down, season over. While that's true, it wasn't the biggest cause for alarm -- the Saints secondary was. Our defense makes good quarterbacks better and Peyton Manning look legendary. Vince Young, after the game where the Titans beat the Saints 31-14, said he wanted to be known as a passing QB. Sorry, VY. Not gonna happen until you throw TDs against legit Ds.

As for the Saints, I see the biggest problem as the O-line. The five Js were pushing Ds around last year, letting Brees take his time and do what he does best. In three games, Brees has thrown 7 picks -- all of them under pressure.

I'll always love the Saints. It's just hard sometimes.

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Don't lose hope yet, it looks like our boys might be back on track.
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