Wednesday, October 17, 2007


If there's any curse about being a journalist, especially one who has spent time as a copy editor, it's how typos, bad spellings, awful grammar and misused punctuation stand out like an awkward interview. If there is any joy, it's being with a woman who sees the same typos and finds them just as repugnant. True story: We almost took back fireworks we purchased because on the way out we spotted the stand's sign that said, "SATURN MISILES."

The Grammarphile, official friend of the Mailbox, has had a long, illustrious, 10-month career of finding typos and making fun of them. She makes reference to a cute and smart Grammar Stud, so I hope she's also in loves with someone who takes the same sick joy in being repulsed by lexicographical laziness. But what amazes me is the amount of links she has on her blog to other blogs dedicated to picking out mistakes. There's a lot of them. You should browse, read and gag along with the rest of us.

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I think your grammarphile friend ought to take a tour of Joplin soon. If she is lucky she might find such gems as the steakhouse with the sign that advertises delicious "steacks" or the hair salon that wants to hire a new "stilst". On second thought, the sheer number of apostrophes that appear where they don't belong might just be the death of her.
Ooh, thanks for the props and the extra linkage! MoJoe, you rock! And you're totally right about how awesome it is to be dating someone whose grammar/spelling skills are up to par. (I do have to nag him on occasion to not capitalize the first letter of the first word after a semicolon, though. But in the grand scheme of things, that's pretty minor.) I'm glad you and the Soon-To-Be-Mrs. are both on the same level in terms of grammar and that you're both equally horrified by heinous spelling errors. :)

Although, pain-in-the-ass Grammarphile that I am, I do have one comment. I'm not "in loves" wirh anybody, but maybe, possibly, I *could* be "in *love*." ;)
Paula, in reference to your comment above...I don't live anywhere near Joplin, but if you ever find yourself armed with a camera and around one of those crazily-written signs, I'd love it if you'd send me a picture to use for Red Pen, Inc.! I always give the picture sender mad props and website links! :)
"I'm not 'in loves' wirh anybody..."

Wirh? ::snicker giggle::

I loves irony. :)
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